Get the correct fee for your escort service!

Although you work as an escort professional, you feel that you aren’t getting the compensation you deserve or that reflects the quality of your service. You may be a novice and don’t know the right way to set up your fees.

Here’s a step by step guide to help you calculate your monthly costs. This will give you an idea of where your service fees should be placed.

See the direct competition

Knowledge is power. It allows you to rethink your services and yourself in light of client demand and other providers. First, find out who your direct competition is for the same age, location, and service list. Once you have a good idea of your direct competition, and their prices for similar services, you will be able to determine where you stand and what price you should charge. Also, you will know what options you have when it comes time to escorting.

Create a list of expenses

Consider the monthly cost of your escorting job. These include rent, beauty services and sex toys/lingerie. Also, you may need condoms, lube and water to keep your job afloat. Once you have an idea of the cost to provide a quality escort service and have calculated your hourly rate, you can then calculate how many people you could accommodate per day without exhausting yourself. This will allow you to pay for your expenses and still make a profit.

Outcall costs vs. Incall Costs

You should also consider offering outcall services. Make sure to mention the distance you will travel to meet clients and any other requirements in your profile. Remember that outcalls are more expensive than incalls. Include these additional expenses in your hourly rate, such as cab fare, travel time, and a “vanity charge” – you need to make a good impression on the client when he opens the door.

Analyze your client list

The price you charge will depend on the size of your client base, how local you are, and how recent you are to the business. If you have a large client base, you may be able to charge more. However, if your business is new and you are trying to build a steady client list, you will need to charge the same as other competitors. You should also charge for escort services.

These are the most important things to think about when setting your service fees. If you want to earn a living and build a client base, make sure you adhere to the protocol. Are there other factors you should consider when setting your fees? We are eager to hear all about your thoughts!

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